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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Phobia Expert

Our Weight Loss Clients in 2017 lost an average of 14-18kgs in 6-8 weeks
You can too!

Registered & Licensed Practitioner
HYPNO-BAND Weight Loss System 
The World's No. 1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System

Are you struggling with weight issues?
Want to control your food cravings & bingeing?

Have you tried everything to lose weight and sick of dieting?

Do you feel like you are controlled by food?
Do you suffer from phobias or fear of spiders, flying, snakes or speaking in public?
Want to be free of your phobias forever?

Do you suffer from Anxiety & Panic attacks?

Are you frustrated, tired and overwhelmed?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by Depression, Anger,
Grief or Loss?

Do you lack confidence and self esteem?

Is everyday life just getting you down?


' I will get rid of your phobia or other issues and give you the tools to permanently manage any emotionally based problem for the 
rest of your life'
A personal message from Julia Lorent - Clinical Hypnotherapist and The Founder & Creator of the "Emotional Management Technique" for almost instant personal change


We all know Diets do not work. You lose weight only to gain it back when the gym membership has lapsed or you finish your current diet. It seems like a never ending cycle of hell.

I know how difficult it can be being out of control with food and bingeing. But believe me, you can lose weight easily and effortlessly when you change your attitude and association towards food.

"In just 3 Sessions with me you'll get the tools to permanently manage any emotional based problem... for the rest of your life.


The overweight  and fear driven society that we live in, doesn't just come from us eating the wrong foods, or not exercising (while that plays a fairly big part). Our weight issues come from some form of fear. 

We feel we need to stuff down our feelings because we think it is just too difficult to deal with our emotional garbage. In other words, we try to anesthetise ourselves

This fear manifests in our bodies as extra weight and this causes the side-effects found in the above list. Or a variety of other emotionally based challenges.


 I am here to tell you there is no reason for you to suffer the painful effects of weight related emotional pain or any other emotionally based problems any longer.


Call me Today on 1300 72 31 36

I've been achieving AMAZING results for my clients since starting my work with EMT, in 1995. I've received my experience not only from training but from getting real world results for my clients.


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